MSS Security are an SIA Approved Contractor for the provision of Door Supervision

MSS Security as an SIA Approved Contractor can demonstrate that:

  • We have processes in place to monitor and manage service delivery to both customers and consumers
  • Trains and develops its people to deliver customer satisfaction and added value, to an agreed standard
  • Our leaders develop and implement an effective management system that continually improves the organisation and its performance
  • We measure and improve performance against key customer and consumer indicators
  • Have measures and improves performance against key indicators for the way in which it supports the community and the environment in which it operates
  • Meet 84 further performance requirements and is open to scrutiny by the SIA at all times

Good practice and continuity of quality

The employment practices of your supplier will have been thoroughly assessed for good practice, including employee screening*, benefits, training and conditions, the right to work in the UK and social security legislation.

And following approval, we are continuously monitored to maintain our approved contractor status.

Greater flexibility and operational effectiveness

The ACS Standard promotes service customisation and added value, so the services delivered can be tailored for your precise requirements. Additionally, approved contractors have special dispensation to deploy staff who are waiting for their SIA licence application to be processed (it is illegal for non approved contractors to do so) – adding further to their operational resources.

Leadership and innovation

Because the ACS is a voluntary scheme, you can be sure that providers will be customer focused, highly responsive to change and eager to adopt new methods and working practices.

Extend your security network

The ACS offers the potential for enhanced working relationships and ‘joined-up’ police, business and community initiatives.


All scheme information is published on the SIA website to ensure credibility and transparency. You can also ask prospective suppliers for details of their independent assessments. To learn more about the criteria ACS approved contractors need to meet, please see overleaf.

* The nature of your business may require further employee screening.

About the Security Industry Authority

The SIA is an independent organisation that was set up by the government under the terms of the Private Security Industry Act 2001. Our mission is to be an effective, fair and efficient regulator of the private security industry.

We are committed to the Regulators’ Compliance Code, a statutory code of practice for regulators that promotes a risk-based, proportionate and targeted approach.

What the scheme means for your organisation

In the search for highly skilled professional security contractors, our quality assurance scheme delivers an independent, extensive and rigorous assessment. We simplify the process of choosing the best security supplier, ensuring they can meet your individual needs and add value to your organisation. To achieve our government backed quality accreditation, private security suppliers must demonstrate the highest levels of performance in the broadest range of business operations.

Security suppliers must meet 89 different performance indicators which are based upon widely recognised business improvement models (including ISO9001:2000 and the European Foundation for Quality Management Excellence Model).The scheme also draws upon Investors in People and includes relevant British Standards. As such, the ACS stands out as having especially comprehensive good practice criteria. Choosing an SIA approved contractor can help you deliver best value and meet your security obligations in many ways: